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Internationalization provides companies with the opportunity to expand and grow in a global market.

Modacc helps companies locate customers interested in their products and services around the world: business missions, attendance to fairs, international showroown, commercial offices in several countries (China, US, Scandinavia..) market information and guidance as well as technical and legal advice.

These are some our international services.


"Success is not being the best, success is being different" Michael Porter

Fostering collaboration between technology centres, universities and other partners is a key enabler to create new products and processes focused on the consumer and new market opportunities.

To drive our innovation platform at Modacc, we have decided to focus on the following key areas: The consumer´s knowledge, internet, building sustainable business, functionalization of clothing products or digitalization of industrial processes.


We are working on recovering a new fashion industry in Europe: flexible, digitalized, sustanaible and highly competitive.

We are aware that it is essential to have and industrial base in Catalonia to become a competitive and innovative territory in the fashion sector and, therefore, we develop inititatives that encourage the industrial base such as promoting industrial aptitudes and fairs to connect producers and distributors.


"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act"

Modacc develops training initiatives for new professionals.

We facilitate de development of new competences for the professional growth of the sector workers.

We build bridges between companies and schools in order to attract talent to the sector.


We want to transform reality turn difficulties into opportunities and make dreams of the companies that trust us come true. We want to grow and improve the sector.

To make this possible, we promote business meetings and enriching professional relationships. We actively work to create business between companies that belong to the Cluster.