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Modacc promotes investments of six million € with its commercial offices in USA, Hong Kong and Scandinavia in the year 2016

Aug. 17, 2017

Last 20th July, the Catalan Fashion Cluster (MODACC) held its 2017 General Assembly in the Philippines Club, next to the Plaza Real in Barcelona, with the participation of about thirty entrepreneurs from the industry and the presence of the Consejero de Industria from the Catalonian Government Internationalization has been one of the main activities of the cluster during the last months. In 2016, the commercial offices of the cluster in the United States, Hong Kong and Scandinavia have managed a turnover of 6 million euros. During that same year, the cluster has organized other international activities such as a prospective trip to the Swedish Fashion Market or the grouped participation at the CIFF fair in Copenhagen and the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom.