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ONLINE is the new EXPORT

Nov. 2, 2020

The program aims to help companies create a solid structure that supports their ONLINE activity, adapted to their possibilities, and focused on achieving realistic sales objectives, also accompanying the brand to develop and execute its own e-commerce plan to the different channels (own e-shop, Marketplaces, Social Selling, ...)

Introducing the new program
"Online Scout Program" by Modacc.

Why should do the program with MODACC?

• Knowledge: We are close to the reality of SMEs in the fashion sector.
• Personalized: we adapt to each brand and its needs.
• Upcoming: weekly meetings (on and off line) - and constant contact.
• Practical: we want to achieve realistic goals.
• Real: step by step - without the people, the technique does not work.

for more information, you can download the presentation or email to internacional@modacc.cat

PDF Modacc Online Scout Programme